Darla Thrasher

Vibrant Light Health offers services specializing in wholistic lifestyles.

Your body has the ability to heal itself and it can be instantaneous.

When you harmonize your body, mind and spirit, you create a

vibrant, happy, healthy life. Finding your purpose and living it,

is a great first step to take. There are clues everywhere in your life

as to what your purpose is.

Start with finding your gifts, then start expressing them to the fullest. There are no accidents. Everything happens at the perfect time and for a reason. There is no greater joy then being in tune with life . . . where you are consciously aware of your

thoughts . . . using the power of your thoughts to create the life you desire.  

Vibrant Light Health is located in Kearney, Missouri, and is by appointment only. All appointments can be done over the phone, with the exception of  an Iridology Analysis. Whether you book an energy appointment to be done in person or via phone, is a personal preference, and makes no difference. I can connect with your energy whether you're in front of me or miles away. Thank you for checking out Vibrant Light Health and I hope to hear from you soon.

Doctor of Naturology • Energy Medicine • Metaphysical Teacher

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