Darla Thrasher is a wholistic, energy medicine practitioner, offering a wide variety of modalities from energy readings to iridology analysis with herbal nutrition consulting.

Iridology Analysis

A 90 minute appointment consisting of an iridology analysis and nutrition consultation. Iridology is a science based modality.

Your iris is a map revealing

the current health status of

your body. Discover where

your body is out of sync and learn what natural remedies

and food can help bring back balance. Start living a natural, vibrant life today! $125

Miracles Abound Energy Session

Instantaneous healing,

immediate healing with no allopathic intervention is my passion. All the swift, huge changes in our lives these days are creating an abundance of stress. Once anxiety or stress mode kicks in, our connection

to the Divine is hindered, at

least we feel it is. This is where an Energy Session can help

you assess your situation

clearly and move in the

direction of your highest good. These 40 minute sessions are done via phone or Zoom.  $60



Energy Reading

Energy readings are a great

tool to access for guidance. We call upon our higher power, our inner light, to

give us clarity regarding our issues. Readings help you to recognize repeating, behavioral patterns

that hinder your growth.

Sometimes it's hard to access your inner guidance, when feeling overwhelmed or burdened with stress.

Readings allow me to help

you access your inner light

and find clarity, peace and

well-being again.

Appointments available via phone or Zoom.

55 minutes $75

SPECIAL PRICING through the month of July. $60

Miracles Abound

Group Energy Session

I’m offering a sacred space for weekly, group zoom gatherings to “recalibrate” your energy

and keep fearful thoughts at bay... To keep a beacon of

light shining in the storm...a place of safety and comfort as we weather the storm.  An organization for like minds to gather and intensify our inner light, our source to the Divine.

Every Friday 2pm central.

40 minute group energy

session via Zoom.    $20

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