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Darla Thrasher is a wholistic, energy medicine practitioner, offering a wide variety of modalities from energy readings to iridology analysis with herbal nutrition consulting.

Iridology Analysis

A 90 minute appointment consisting of an iridology analysis and nutrition consultation. Iridology is a science based modality.

Your iris is a map revealing

the current health status of

your body. Discover where

your body is out of sync and learn what natural remedies

and food can help bring back balance. Start living a natural, vibrant life today! $125

The Power to Heal

Awaken your natural healing power within. The first step to healing is recognizing that all aspects of your being must be in harmony– body, mind and spirit. You'll learn different energy techniques to help you quickly break through any issue, such

as, anxiety, weight loss,

financial issues, pain, etc. Embark on a journey with me to heal your inner conflict

 consisting of 4 weekly

appointments, with daily

email help. Appointments available via phone or in person. Are you ready to ignite your inner light and start living a vibrant, passionate life? $300

Energy Reading

Energetic readings are a great tool to access for guidance. We call upon our higher power, our inner light, to

give us clarity regarding our issues. Readings help you to recognize repeating, behavioral patterns

that hinder your growth.

Sometimes it's hard to access your inner guidance, when feeling overwhelmed or burdened with stress.

Readings allow me to help

you access your inner light

and find clarity, peace and

well-being again.

Appointments available via phone or in person.

55 minutes $75

Chakra Clearing

A 55 minute energy session consisting of clearing and energizing your chakras. When your chakras are open and flowing in unison, balance and inner calm are achieved. Physical and mental stresses

are relieved, healing and

growth are accelerated on all levels. In this session you'll

also learn energy medicine techniques that you'll be able

to use on your own.  $75